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CalyxOS Development

💁 Want to get involved? We'd love your help!

Table of contents

CalyxOS is Free and Open Source Software.

Source code

All development of CalyxOS takes place out in the open on public source code repositories. We would love to have you get involved.

Our source code is available for review at

It is also mirrored to

Issue tracking

We use GitLab for issue tracking.

Check out list of open issues.

You can also check list of epics, which collect a list of related issues.

Submitting patches

Development is done on our Gerrit Code Review Instance.

To submit a patch, you can follow the instructions at Gerrit Code Review

Building CalyxOS

Short version


  1. Initialize and sync the source code.
    • repo init -u -b android11-qpr1
    • repo sync
  2. Obtain proprietary files for your device
    • ./vendor/calyx/scripts/ sunfish (sunfish for Pixel 4a)
  3. Build
    • source build/
    • lunch calyx_sunfish-user (sunfish for Pixel 4a, user is used for release builds, you can use userdebug for development builds.)
    • m
  4. Install
    • fastboot flashall (Run this in the same shell where you ran the build)

Long version: See Building CalyxOS

Signing builds

Once you have built the OS, you will need to sign it to be able to lock the bootloader. For full instructions, see Signing CalyxOS builds