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Gerrit Code Review

Table of contents

We have a Gerrit Code Review Instance now at

Gerrit makes a lot easier to deal with hundreds of repositories in one place, and also for dealing with changes involving multiple repos.


You will need to register on our Gerrit server and configure some settings to be able to upload changes.


  1. Visit - and click Sign in. That will take you to GitHub, where you can approve the request to sign in.
  2. Go to - and set a Display Name, and note down your username (it will be the same as your GitHub username)
  3. Scroll down to - and add the email address you usually use with git. You will need to verify it by clicking on a link sent to the particular email.
  4. Scroll down to - and add an SSH public key. This is what you will use to push code changes to Gerrit.

Development Machine

On the system from which you’ll be upload changes, you should:


There are two options to upload changes:

  1. If you’re just working on a specific app or this website ( or just one git repository you can use the git-review to quickly upload changes. See git-review, OR
  2. If you’re syncing and building CalyxOS, you can use the repo tool to upload changes. See repo