A quick, non comprehensive list of the changes from AOSP


  • Inline kernel building *

Forked AOSP repos:

Repo Purpose
manifest The manifest, containing list of repos
build Build system changes
build/soong Build system changes
bionic Build fix with inline kernel build
device/common Include avb with factory image
device/google/marlin Pixel 1 & 1 XL
device/google/muskie Pixel 2 (common)
device/google/taimen Pixel 2 XL
device/google/wahoo Pixel 2 & 2 XL (common)
frameworks/av For Mi A2, TBD
frameworks/base microG support
hardware/qcom/audio For Mi A2, allow building
hardware/qcom/bootctrl For Mi A2, TBD
hardware/qcom/display For Mi A2, allow building
hardware/qcom/gps For Mi A2, TBD
hardware/qcom/media For Mi A2, allow building
hardware/qcom/msm8998 For Mi A2, allow building
kernel/google/marlin Pixel 1
kernel/google/wahoo Pixel 2

New repos:

Repo Purpose Upstream
device/qcom/sepolicy For Mi A2 LineageOS
device/xiaomi/jasmine Mi A2 xiaomi-sdm660
device/xiaomi/sdm660-common Mi A2 (common) xiaomi-sdm660
external/ant-wireless/ant_native For Mi A2, TBD LineageOS
external/ant-wireless/antradio-library For Mi A2, TBD LineageOS
external/ant-wireless/ant_service For Mi A2, TBD LineageOS
kernel/xiaomi/jasmine Mi A2 xiaomi-sdm660
packages/apps/F-DroidPrivelegedExtension For F-Droid fdroid
packages/apps/SetupWizard The first run wizard LineageOS
packages/apps/Updater OTA Updater AndroidHardening
packages/resources/devicesettings For Mi A2 LineageOS
prebuilts/calyx Prebuilt apps N/A
vendor/android-prepare-vendor Pixel proprietaries anestisb
vendor/calyx Calyx Vendor N/A
vendor/calyx-tmp Temporary Calyx vendor N/A
vendor/qcom/opensource/audio For Mi A2 LineageOS
vendor/qcom/opensource/cryptfs_hw For Mi A2 LineageOS
vendor/qcom/opensource/dataservices For Mi A2 LineageOS
vendor/qcom/opensource/interfaces For Mi A2 LineageOS This wiki :smile: N/A


  • Repos marked as TBD might get removed in the future.
  • A lot of the new repos are forked from LineageOS
  • The repos marked “For Mi A2” will get further clarification later.