CalyxOS Development Process

To be expanded in the future and as we need to write down things.

Testing OTA Updates

OTA Updates can be tested locally, too.

  1. Point the Updater app to your local server, patches:
  2. Create a build and install it.
  3. Clean things for a new build that will be accepted by the OTA updater
    • run make installclean (updates build timestamp)
    • Remove out/build_number.txt (allows for increase in build number)
    • re-run source
  4. make otapackage
  5. Generate metadata file:
    • vendor/calyx/scripts/ $OUT/*-ota-*.zip
  6. Rename the metadata file, so it fakes a stable update channel
    • mv taimen-testing taimen-stable
  7. Rename the OTA zip to the expected format:
    • mv $OUT/${TARGET_PRODUCT}-ota-$ $OUT/${TARGET_PRODUCT#calyx_}-ota_update-$
  8. Put the OTA zip and generated metadata file on the local server, the device should now wait for it to pull down the OTA.
    • mv taimen-stable $OUT/${TARGET_PRODUCT#calyx_}-ota_update-$ server/