CalyxOS Features

🎁 There's so much awesome packed into our OS.

Private by Design

Secure Networking

🚦 Datura Firewall gives you fine-grained control over network access for all of your apps.

🀝 Tethered network devices (USB or Wi-Fi) can use the phone's VPN or Tor.

πŸ₯Έ Free and trusted VPNs from The Calyx Institute and Riseup.

🌎 Cloudflare DNS is available as a Private DNS provider.


Limitless Functionality

✌️ microG replaces some functions of Google Play Services while maintaining much more anonymity and privacy. Completely Optional.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Mozilla Location Services (and Dejavu) available as default location services.

πŸ“ Nominatim available as default geocoding service.


Device Security

πŸ“† Automatic monthly over-the-air security updates.

⏲ Ability to turn-off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not being used.

πŸ” Verified Boot ensures that the operating system has not been modified.

πŸ›‘ Block unknown USB devices.


Trusted Agent

βš™οΈ Privacy settings lets you see what apps are requesting which permissions

🚨 Panic button functionality lets a user uninstall apps and more.

🀫 Sensitive Numbers privacy. Calls to numbers for help lines such as domestic violence, child abuse, suicide hotlines are not recorded in the call log.

πŸ“‡ Access these numbers in the Helplines Dialer entry.


Secure Backup

⏰ Automatic backups (once configured) of your apps.

☁️ Backup your files to a USB drive or Nextcloud

πŸ” Client-side encryption protects all of your backed-up data.


Work-life balance

πŸ’Ό Maintain work-life balance with Work Profile. Use same device for work and personal purposes.

πŸ’‘ Manage app and content access easily using in-built options.


Private Dialer

πŸ“ž Directly make an encrypted call using Signal or WhatsApp from the Dialer.

πŸ’‘ Learn about the privacy impacts of different channels of communication.


Browse without Censorship

πŸ¦† Chromium based on Cromite is the default web browser and search engine, which blocks ads and trackers.

πŸ₯Έ Use Tor Browser to browse the internet without being tracked.


Your Favorite Apps

🎁 Get free and open source apps from F-Droid.

πŸ› Use Aurora Store to install from the Google Play catalog anonymously.


Strong Authentication

βŒ› Auto-reboot device when not unlocked for a certain period requiring entering PIN/password again

πŸ™ˆ Scramble lockscreen PIN


Speak Freely

πŸ’¬ Speak freely with Signal video, calling, and texting.

πŸ“ž eSIM and dual-sim support, where supported by the hardware.

πŸ“§ K-9 Email client