Get It

Downloading CalyxOS and installing it on a phone is easy ! Here is how you do it...

At this time we are actively supporting nine phone models:

  • Google Pixel 2 ( code name walleye )
  • Google Pixel 2 XL ( code name taimen )
  • Google Pixel 3 ( code name blueline )
  • Google Pixel 3 XL ( code name crosshatch )
  • Google Pixel 3a ( code name sargo )
  • Google Pixel 3a XL ( code name bonito )
  • Google Pixel 4 ( code name flame )
  • Google Pixel 4 XL ( code name coral )
  • Xiaomi Mi A2 ( code name jasmine_sprout )

Here are links to factory install images for our currently supported phones:
sha256: 26a2ec3b8e13a49e5b07946b633d4c650b7138df2f2a11dec7edb65b70c53c2d
sha256: 811a630d56828022eda2e55bd7e170fc82bbe87c8eec7dbccce756a80dc33d18
sha256: 65ad3b7fce20ad99d8947b40dfc3aba36b3c5e7b211c78dc77823da30e08db4f
sha256: 4b43b8e2b398ff2e8b0d02a425bb46ec8227ec26ed15178b83e4fb5a9e4e0d4c
sha256: bea84cec1df508da5a8e2c53265522e0c727eebd984f49c8658bbcb65969d538
sha256: f651d0787c67b61efd9b4e44749d27c9c8dc3a76606746a9f8223ef016a37e19
sha256: 87c5c37c81bbf196e702f819d996303c1a5f8726a19f461ac5990385b48270fe
sha256: 3bdfc6f64035f66eb2296ff55ba8ecbb112bd0efca60628faca345bd04241b4f
sha256: 1aa4d3e7371f5ef31705e44116a646526ccec191cd3f0af612053501a79d4345

Further down the road, we are trying to get CalyxOS running on even lower-cost phones in order to bring it within reach of many more people, since the Google Pixel phones are both fairly expensive and difficult to obtain in many countries.

If you want to try CalyxOS at this time the first thing you have to do is get one of our supported phones and then follow these installation directions

*Note: In the USA there are two variants of the Google Pixel phones: The Google unlocked version, and the Verizon one. The Verizon one is unfortunately locked in such a way (boot loader locked) that you cannot install another operating system on it. The only way to tell is to attempt to unlock the bootloader of the phone. If you can enable "OEM unlocking" then it's an unlocked version. If "OEM unlocking" is greyed out and not toggle-able then you have the Verizon version.