Get CalyxOS

To download the CalyxOS firmware, follow the link for your device name. Next, see the installation instructions.

Optional: To verify the SHA256 digest, run the command sha256sum FILENAME_OF_DOWNLOAD and compare the result with the value in the table below.


Pixel 4a (5G) (bramble) Download c614f1e35bae21b6fab08b00005b4658718ff2c8aefd46406ecd4cbfbbcae587
Pixel 5 (redfin) Download 23571625f67aeb2a423696bb3dc92492d78045adcea6225e3a856ac5187f5d3d
Pixel 4a (sunfish) Download c3e0f6b2ad71d5f819d632a69e8b539d23caf9e38c691ab35113a9f9676a057e
Pixel 4 XL (coral) Download 12260b66f33e81b76217c32d8cc1fbd316c5116d8902b5e372f821bdac203be5
Pixel 4 (flame) Download 9a84a47cb62152578850c529ad8045c3fbcb09ac0d8d020c821ab1e69af243f4
Pixel 3a XL (bonito) Download 08a254c80f6712fc7304b42f8c1774355b7667de305c343cc3af496ddf5d661b
Pixel 3a (sargo) Download 99ad1a4545c8b24b76cc404c930ae4e2dfe841f835b80eaeb8890b224e187291
Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch) Download 40ff8e6462485075b5db1e99d8568f3a1e72f09e4a1238d69277e92f7dcb0642
Pixel 3 (blueline) Download fb22b9d9f8ad770eff4d9209544289c77d41e0910970a6d4eec04333f51048c7
Pixel 2 XL (taimen) Download d7d3e2bca318ec69dc5cb2ff44de325a8d55530ce496e14f897f1de720711144
Pixel 2 (walleye) Download 94715fed444fac590f288eb3dee6d08319c95694e57c208516b8a9a7e188babd
Xiaomi Mi A2 (jasmine_sprout) Download f0936d8495a1303a76b88efd9a0a89e65dfc4a7ef35439150e2ad1aa23577b9a

Security update notes

  • The Pixels 4a (5G), 5, 4a, 4 XL, 4, 3a XL, 3a, 3 XL, 3 contain the full security patch, as they are still being updated by Google.
  • The Pixels 2 and 2 XL are not being updated by Google anymore, so they only contain the fixes to the open source components, such as the OS code and the Linux kernel. Proprietary components such as the bootloader, modem firmware, and other firmware no longer get updates.
  • The Xiaomi Mi A2 is still getting security updates, but those are Android 10 and usually released towards the end of the month, whereas CalyxOS is Android 11 and releases the updates right as they're available. This means that the A2 lags behind slightly, by a month or two, in getting security updates for proprietary components.