Introducing GCam Photos Preview

The Pixels have great cameras, and Google Camera works really well on them.

However, with recent versions, Google Photos has been required to view the pictures taken directly from the Camera.

We have created an app to avoid that, called GCam Photos Preview.

It’s a tiny app that you can install in lieu of Google Photos to be able to preview captured images directly from Google Camera


  1. Uninstall Google Photos (if you have it installed).
  2. Download and install GCamPhotosPreview.apk.
  3. Open Google Camera, try to view an image by tapping on the bottom right preview circle.
  4. If you scroll past the first image, you may be asked to grant storage permissions. That’s required to view those images.

We’ll be working on adding more features to this, and making any fixes as needed. It’s open source, contributions welcome!

Also, while we’re talking about Google Camera, the upcoming CalyxOS update includes some changes that will let you install it directly from Aurora Store :)