Future device support


One of the most common questions we get is: “Will CalyxOS run on my device?”

When choosing to support a device, we consider the following factors:

We currently support Google Pixels 3 and above.

Pixel phones are the reference model that AOSP is designed around and Google provides all of the code needed to get AOSP running on the Pixels. This means that although we do make some changes, such as the handling of proprietary files, most of the work is already done by Google.

We also want to support devices for as long as possible. This reduces e-waste and makes CalyxOS more accessible to users who can’t afford to replace their phone every few years. Therefore, we try to pick recently released devices because it takes a long time to get them fully working, and because supporting devices with a full feature set and security updates beome harder, and sometimes impossible, the older they get.

We would like to support more affordable and widely available devices than just the Pixels, which are expensive and only sold in a select few countries.

We supported the Xiaomi Mi A2 because it was an Android One device, which meant that it received timely security updates from it’s release in July 2018 until manufacturer support ended in August 2021.

Planned devices, short term

In the coming months, we intend to support the following devices:

Fairphone 4

OnePlus 8T, 9

Other devices

Unlikely to be supported

Fairphone 3





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