Tiramisu Beta - Android 13

CalyxOS 4.1.6 - Android 13 is now available as a beta release for some devices.

Device status

Available as beta now


Pixel 6a

Pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL



Known issues


OTA upgrades, from your existing CalyxOS install

  1. Make sure your phone is running the latest stable CalyxOS 3.9.0. If you’re on the previous test Tiramisu build, you can skip this step.
  2. Go through the Known issues list above, and make sure you’re ok with that
  3. Backup your data - you can use SeedVault, the included Backup app.
  4. Settings -> System -> System update settings -> Release channel -> Beta
  5. Then, tap the “Check for updates” button.

Fresh installs, factory images

  1. Download the factory images from the links below.
  2. Please follow the installation instructions at Install CalyxOS, but use the latest factory image you just downloaded instead of the one linked on that page.


Pixel 7 Pro (cheetah) Download Signature acd722952c0e56c6d0351a3b9c418f87959baab7d29c3f881390820153a80774
Pixel 7 (panther) Download Signature 49ca0ea652386d6da1007e5b6595591f0da41168cc6bbafe74ed6a273ba3e1b5
Pixel 6a (bluejay) Download Signature dddc618ba2472e875c36d89ffae3c637672cd2540aa436206d1b47cc5b96c808
Pixel 6 Pro (raven) Download Signature 34e7517d18234e4b49e5a4f3b27f7b7614f4d73a2015860a39e5a81127e262b4
Pixel 6 (oriole) Download Signature 7d99897f85639cc803d675f1f4f47e396dc956b793b78c565a8aa435a8503c29
Pixel 5a (5G) (barbet) Download Signature be3fa75e6aeb130b84d7f1092039a752b9bee293088071df1647a9bceffd9a45
Pixel 4a (5G) (bramble) Download Signature 0aeabc5e62c6af9a7fea8c6f7beb9306af6ef8d5c64d53ce318fff9ef371f4fc
Pixel 5 (redfin) Download Signature 1f5112b1a9e6f5e84dd1a1a02ac814be0593afd4e23eeb7f4b6ad891d23adac5
Pixel 4a (sunfish) Download Signature b2b3c53843ef6275e104bf8bc68fe098455af4bbdce186714b027f17d01ba28c
Pixel 4 XL (coral) Download Signature 0a42918ef35f379069d37e25caa0b35a65e573b2017da96824bab9d9ec423daa
Pixel 4 (flame) Download Signature 8f03910395e7f98f5c41eaa6c6a32651720d3171647ec4f91550acd4b020a66e
Pixel 3a XL (bonito) Download Signature c75a4c0cdbcd52b6c4460811e0e8d694618c688458b8b8a61f94537362277ad4
Pixel 3a (sargo) Download Signature 08445e7f180361cd75f31a7cc00b0a46e3bcd6710386b4161f46b78218d8171e
Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch) Download Signature 164f716286205d5cea11f78efc7f620ad295a9c390a0a8ee2248047994a7fe68
Pixel 3 (blueline) Download Signature 128ba17d80096963525f8cc8cd40ae4029db1b4dcf0b98f0aa5abbf723bed5a1
Fairphone 4 (FP4) Download Signature f1c7a791fb8d1c449258620d7c6e7427f7cccfb8585cc8f5f467bd5bcd08f817
SHIFT6mq (beta) (axolotl) Download Signature d2a8c1da0d0e27d25d9c4e5c49128b010a7947589db672394738c667bed94e84