CalyxOS Community Pledge

Our pledge to support the community of Android privacy and security developers

CalyxOS is created by the team at Calyx Institute, spread across the world, united by a common belief that privacy is a fundamental human right. We do this work because we believe CalyxOS is an excellent choice for many people from all walks of life. However, because the internet is sometimes a horrible place, discussions about what software choices are right for you can turn extremely negative.

We see CalyxOS as simply one part of a large and growing community of projects working to empower people in how they use mobile technology. We are committed to fostering a spirit of collaboration, information sharing, and inclusivity in this community. We strive to lead by example in keeping our engagement with others respectful, honest, and focused on the greater good, in accordance with our mission.

The Calyx Institute, and all its employees and volunteers are held to this standard. For more information, please see the CalyxOS contributors code of conduct.

We denounce in the strongest possible terms any harassment of the developers of any free and open source project. We will never engage in harassment, trolling, or bad faith arguments against any other open source intitiative or any of its developers. We ask for everyone in our community to please do the same, including supporters of CalyxOS and supporters of other alternative Android ROM projects.

It is our policy to shut down any divisive discussion of other projects on any of the communication channels that we control (Reddit, Matrix, etc). We feel it is entirely counterproductive to try to pit free software projects against each other.