microG push notification fixes

The October update included some push notification fixes, however it turned out that they didn’t work as well as expected for everyone.

We’ve done some more fixes, and a test APK is now available.

You need to be running the October build, CalyxOS 2.10.0 to be able to install this.

You can get it from our test F-Droid repo,

To add it, simply add this URL to F-Droid -> Settings -> Repositories -> Plus sign at the top right:

Alternatively, you can scan the below QR code:


The changes included have all been sent to microG upstream for integration in the codebase so that everyone can benefit.

This F-Droid repo also includes the GCam Photos Preview app to preview photos directly from Google Camera (without having to install Google Photos)


We’re in the middle of revamping our F-Droid repository setup, and this will change. In the future, we will be able to push out updates directly to the device without you having to add any custom repos