CalyxOS OTA updates

These are the OTA updates that are usually delivered directly to your device.

Note: If you're installing CalyxOS for the first time, you should get the factory image instead and follow the factory image installation instructions.

If you’re running the “Previous build” mentioned in the table below, you can choose the incremental OTA, it is a much smaller file containing only the difference between that previous build and the latest.

Otherwise, you should choose the full OTA update, that can be used to update from any build.

Next, see the OTA installation instructions.

Optional: To verify the SHA256 digest, run the command sha256sum FILENAME_OF_DOWNLOAD and compare the result with the value in the table below.

Incremental OTA updates


DevicePrevious buildLinkSHA256
Pixel 6 Pro (raven) 22305010 Download 752937f408afdb5cd7840594b2df84282c88143201bb98f5dc1c7f4d282fcae5
Pixel 6 (oriole) 22305010 Download 24722986660b73e8463aad1fc3b765b66b784f1070e2f52c370007a2d5cb4118
Pixel 5a (5G) (barbet) 22305010 Download b4f1b569ca482aaeb683141cc50f114a08ce52820fd1bf1d48b1b50c137fe369
Pixel 4a (5G) (bramble) 22305010 Download 56e84ce5b9443243a00547bec1e1b068293f54a73c6792c94e1eb657f30600d1
Pixel 5 (redfin) 22305010 Download c3f20d1c765423ddad02702c1a0d9b4a37f7b604d3f506cb6a063b29819c1428
Pixel 4a (sunfish) 22305010 Download 25c395fd2f03d105b1b997e8b0671e4bcef6656b6296ae07993ce5867567fe0c
Pixel 4 XL (coral) 22305010 Download b8eeb74d4e773f7c355be83f852251a6175ce9e2b3dfba2579edd84455e38e8e
Pixel 4 (flame) 22305010 Download e184ca998e5c21359a1ac2b5eda33dadeea958fbee1a75761a3cb6de321327be
Pixel 3a XL (bonito) 22305010 Download 89c0e58e65604fb07f9379873252724c1e99c88ec792a9d4687308920b9e48f4
Pixel 3a (sargo) 22305010 Download aa40518beadc8bfa3be1e47af4235cd1b8524b7bcdc836f70c854f24c31f44a7
Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch) 22305010 Download 48921f626234767fdc483050e7e1d66ca47fd5d0bc2c7b86b85e9597ca3696d1
Pixel 3 (blueline) 22305010 Download 5411e6d5bfc9fe07520a48a13b54a40b77114597ab688b028fb3a5ac65f900b7

Full OTA updates


Pixel 6 Pro (raven) Download 79cb477a0d950bd2fe39083dda98c9424f73d928012168d041799ea6ff0213af
Pixel 6 (oriole) Download 08f43dfd8338a7b1f8c84a361329a52561f717f554918c51f6b10944ecff9f0b
Pixel 5a (5G) (barbet) Download 8376b5b65c09a142279025201f3bfa427ee59b18ded7b311a9f9b08c1829882f
Pixel 4a (5G) (bramble) Download 539be74467aafd35f2a9c1492f4b17759b790dcab203a39efd3e23e6935abd31
Pixel 5 (redfin) Download 3bb06438873513774cb9bd77243616c9f92a6b887e94f7283c4658619b1a4f92
Pixel 4a (sunfish) Download 482160ddb56c436180ff314929252c402a9329576a5ffd38b1791c4671ec7504
Pixel 4 XL (coral) Download bcf328eec127deeea0edb36bd711819fcf30fbacf5882a744db43a5aa35ff700
Pixel 4 (flame) Download e78b460b580fceeb36324bc65d64d8f56c78ac494cf4e37335d42e1936e9bbf2
Pixel 3a XL (bonito) Download 1941421b3c6b952fffbd9d1c3ae2719958dfd2d1785085afddfd2a9967cdac9c
Pixel 3a (sargo) Download c902d68d91f1d0288d2db8534c2347131d4371a1673e9d837760641deb0d14e2
Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch) Download e058d11aab3137a5d0bb40028d6bb2712a57ec194208148669eee5510c1cc5c8
Pixel 3 (blueline) Download f217f4cd8e04f8228df6c1a7f5d48ea6ccc7010062208d248d70f4d7f376e02e

Next, see the OTA installation instructions.

  • Over-the-air Updates: CalyxOS updates are delivered over-the-air (OTA) automatically, without any manual intervention needed. However, if you'd like to manually update your CalyxOS install, see OTA.
  • Security Updates: The Pixels 6 Pro, 6, 5a (5G), 4a (5G), 5, 4a, 4 XL, 4, 3a XL, 3a contain the full security patch, as they are still being updated by Google.
  • End-of-life: The Pixels 3 XL, 3, 2 XL, 2 are no longer being updated by Google, so the CalyxOS releases for these devices only contain the fixes to the open source components, such as the OS code and the Linux kernel. Proprietary components such as the bootloader, modem firmware, and other firmware no longer get updates.
  • End-of-life: The Xiaomi Mi A2 is no longer being updated by Xiaomi, so the CalyxOS releases for it only contain the fixes to the open source components, such as the OS code and the Linux kernel. Proprietary components such as the bootloader, modem firmware, and other firmware no longer get updates. Additionally, due to a Xiaomi bug wherein updating causes the device to get wiped, we have to ship the September 2020 firmware.